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Via Inferno 24 - 40100 Bologna (BO) Italy -  e-mail: house2005@zanasi.com

Useful tips by Kate Gralton:

giardini margherita"Try jogging or walking in Giardini Margherita in the mornings  it's completely empty. Stick to the paths though. 

The Asinelli Tower is a better bet. It's the taller of the two towers that symbolise Bologna and is found at the end of via Rizzoli. The climb up is a pretty good aerobic workout and you can try running it two steps at a time to really work those thighs. Just when you think you are going to die, you're at the top, with incredible views of Bologna and rumoured sea views on a clear day. 
Get yourself a bicycle.
It changed my life when I got one. You can actually get around much faster than catching the bus. It's one of the great pleasures of living in Bologna. It's a small enough city to get around, car drivers are very bike-friendly and you can park anywhere.  Somehow it's all enhanced if you're cycling. And you remember that you love living here."


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